Royce Gracie vs Wallid Ismail

February 11, 2017 bjjadvice 0

This is a historical fight between Royce Gracie and Wallid Ismail. At this time, Royce was considered by many unbeatable in Jiu Jitsu, following his performance in the first UFC matches. Watch this amazing fight […]

Rigan Machado vs Rickson Gracie

February 6, 2017 bjjadvice 0

Regarded by many as one of the greatest BJJ Fights of all times, this was the situation where the student had to fight his master. Rigan Machado vs Rickson Gracie, two of the greatest living legends […]

Polaris Pro 1 – FULL REPLAY

February 5, 2017 bjjadvice 0

Polaris – The world’s most exciting live jiu jitsu events Fights: Keenan Cornelius vs Dean Lister Garry Tonon vs Marcin Held Pablo Popovitch vs Eduardo “Teta” Rios Mike Fowler vs Eduardo Telles AJ Agazarm vs […]

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