Kazushi Sakuraba vs Royce Gracie Full Fight

Kazushi Sakuraba, also known as “The Gracie Hunter”, appeared in a time where the Gracies were dominating pretty much everything, from Pride, to UFC, to Vale Tudo fights, to official BJJ¬†competitions. Many consider Sakuraba to be the first to shake the Gracie domination. He is known as the “Gracie Hunter” due to his wins over four members of the Gracie family: Royler Gracie, Renzo Gracie, Ryan Gracie, and Royce Gracie. In particular, Sakuraba is famous for this fight with Royce, which lasted almost ninety minutes (six 15 minutes rounds).

The expectation for a great fight with Rickson Gracie was high but unfortunately, due to Rickson’s son Rockson passing away, the fight never happened.


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